A cleaner
more powerful
than sugar soap
Are you tired of back breaking scrubbing when you're cleaning?
Don't waste time on diluted cleaners such as sugar soap and other similar cleaners. Try Tricleanium, now!

Why Use Tricleanium?

Tricleanium cuts straight through the grime. No extensive scrubbing required. 

You can strengthen the mix to suit the job, it doesn’t come pre diluted.

1KG of Tricleanium makes up to 100 litres based on suggested dilution rate for general cleaning. 

Tricleanium is an Australian owned, family business based in Central Victoria. By supporting us, you’re supporting the community. 

It's so easy ...

Take the hard work out of difficult cleaning jobs.

Tricleanium is an ultra concentrated cleaner which means that you’ll get your cleaning task done quickly and with less effort than other leading cleaners on the market. 

Oven Cleaner

A 10 minute soak in Tricleanium and a light scrub with a dish brush will get these tricky to clean oven trays sparkling clean. Don’t stop there, do the rest of the oven as well, including the oven door glass. Rinse off with fresh water.


Don’t waste time with pre diluted cleaners. For the tough jobs grab some tricleanium, make your own mix to suit the job at hand. Clean BBQ’s, frypans, oil and grease stains on concrete driveways, or anything greasy.


Tricleanium cleans tonneau covers, tarps, canvas, tents, awnings, blinds and almost any washable surface. Always try a small test area first if unsure.

Where can I use Tricleanium?


Indoors and outdoors for general wall cleaning, or before painting. Tricleanium gets the job done in half the time.


Use in the kitchen, laundry and bathroom. Ovens, fry pans, pots, range hoods, stove tops, splash backs, hot plates, fridges (inside and out), and most other washable surfaces. It’s great for home brewers and in commercial kitchens. 


There’s so many outdoor applications for Tricleanium, the concentrated cleaner. Pre-painting cleaning, removal of surface mould, BBQ’s, driveways, tarps, tents, awnings, blinds and most other washable surfaces. 

Why our customers

As a professional cleaner, I clean many rental properties that have been left in a fairly grubby state, (especially the kitchen area) when a tenant moves out. Tricleanium is my 'go to' cleaner, as nothing else gets the job done to my exacting standards. I highly recommend Tricleanium.


We had an electrical fire in our bathroom which we managed to put out before it spread to other parts of the house, but it left the walls black with smoke stains. The woman at our local hardware recommended tricleanium and the results were AMAZING! We actually didn't need to repaint the undamaged walls after using tricleanium, they came up so clean.